#GloPoWriMo 6/30: For John

I don’t want free milk
nor a free cow. 
Willing to pay
for what I need, 
and I need neither 
right now.
Sampled many milks
at the market. 
Found a few that I like. 
Ate some aged cheddar. 
Liked that too. 
Bought cheese. 
Bought milk. 
Still ain’t buying a cow.

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#GloPoWriMo 5/30: Stick

He used to speak softly, 

and carry a big stick. 

Then he stopped speaking. 

Still carried the big stick. 


he became the big stick. 

Taught to believe

that a man ain’t a man

if that man don’t show force. 

He wants to be the force. 

Rule harshly

against the defenseless. 

Use the stick

to numb their senses

if they ever question. 

He is the law, 

and the embodiment thereof. 

He doesn’t 

have to claim that he’s God

when everything that he does

proclaims that he is. 

In persona christi. 

God in the flesh. 

Some wonder

if he lost the ability

to speak. 

Didn’t want things

lost in translation. 

Conversations take patience,

and ain’t nobody got time for that.

His stick moves swiftly. 


is for the weak.

He’s training gods to be

to choose force

over speech. 

Because even if

they don’t respect his words, 

they will respect his stick.

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#GloPoWriMo 2/30: About Her

​She asks me 

to note her best features. 

I start thinking

about the way her hips sway

as the sun sets. 

About how her face

is the prototype of perfect. 

She is

an example of excellence. 


none of that is important. 

I will not

call her pretty. 


is so much more. 


is my cheerleader

and coach, 

Hope and love


and given a voice. 

She is reason

and balance. 

Strength and conditioning

for challenges 

that may come. 

She taught me 

not to run. 

To sit, 

and to listen. 

But not obey 

my fears.

Her best feature

is not being able

to describe how amazing

she is. 

She just


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