Who is Kirby?


Photo credit: Kenny Reff )'(

Kirby P. is a 30-something social worker turned (returned) Peace Corps Volunteer from Washington, DC. He considers himself a watermelon enthusiast, a bacon connoisseur, and an adventure bucket-lister. He is an alumnus of Oxon Hill Senior High, Livingstone College, and the University of Michigan. He is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, live music, and live sports. His diverse interests include bicycles, artistic expression, delicious food, and community building. He can be found influencing the influencers around DC.

Photo credit: Aaron Wolmuth )'(

In April 2016, Kirby left his job and DC to pursue his dream (and bucket list goal). In June 2016, he began a two year assignment as a Youth Development volunteer in Swaziland. In August 2018, Kirby completed his assignment and left the Kingdom of eSwatini and started a multi-month journey back to DC.

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